Brain Gym® Session FAQs

A child's "Double Doodle" artwork resembles a brain.

getting started with Brain Gym

  • During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I'm happy to offer online sessions via Zoom!

  • Let's start with a complimentary phone chat: we'll take 20 minutes to discuss your (or your child’s) particular situation. 

  • Brain Gym can address a variety of challenges and behaviors by getting to the root cause instead of treating the symptoms. 

  • My further training in neuro-developmental movement  allows me to assess and address retained childhood reflexes to support greater brain maturity. 


  • Brain Gym is an educational model: we do not diagnose symptoms or prescribe medical treatment. Instead, we regard each client as a whole person who has simply gotten “stuck” in certain areas of his/her life or development. 


  • Each session creates space to imagine a new outcome, and form constructive habits which support that goal. Sessions are playful, creative and fun! For example, activities might range from belly crawling, to bi-lateral drawing, to the use of balance boards, rhythmic movements, or a quiet visualization. 

  • The process is fluid; no two sessions are alike—each session is completely tailored to the choices (and the mobility) of the client. 

  • If you're a parent interested in sessions for your child, I'll ask you to be part of the process. In fact, the first session is with you!  

  • Brain Gym activities and processes may be new territory for your family. When you have a firsthand experience with the material, your child will know that he or she is not being singled-out for "fixing." You get to explore some of the movement activities, and we'll have plenty of time to discuss your child's situation and set  goals before I meet him or her.

  • Easy, weekly "homeplay" is generally recommended to reinforce the gains made in session.  The best results come when parents and children do regular homeplay together.

how many sessions are needed?

  • That depends on the nature of the challenge. Although dramatic changes can happen in one appointment, most individuals/families see significant progress after six sessions, then continue, on average, for about 12-18 sessions. 

  • How long and how often?  Allow 90 minutes for the first session, 60-75 for subsequent appointments. Sessions are suggested weekly or every two weeks—to be determined.

THE cost?

  • Individual sessions (ages six to adult) are $165.  

  •  We offer discounted package pricing for a series of six sessions: $825 instead of $990 (save $165). 

  • Packages include email support as questions arise, and a progress check-in after each series. Online session packages include additional parent coaching and support with the movement activities.

  • We evaluate progress after each series of six. There's no long-term commitment.

  • Packages are valid for one year from date of purchase and nonrefundable, but may be transferred to a family member. 

  • Sessions for babies, toddlers and children under the age of six are also available—contact Deb to discuss.

does insurance cover brain gym sessions?

Unfortunately, not at this time. 

Small steps, over time, can add up to big changes

Movement with intention creates a framework for maturing the nervous system, balancing emotions, and igniting learning and creativity.