The Creative Client: Find Your Balance

An elephant balances on a tightrope.


Need some help with visioning, managing, or following through on a project? Change limiting beliefs, release stress and find your equilibrium through individual balance sessions.


Sometimes you’re working on a project—or you’re supposed to be working on a project—and you’re absolutely stuck. This is an ideal time for a personalized session designed to address those obstacles… through movement.

When we're feeling overwhelmed by our challenges, stress can limit the ability to function from a whole-brain state. We can only see the problem. When we move with intention, however, communication between the brain and body is enhanced, allowing us to see new possibilities and take action.

A BALANCE IS A PROCESS OF DISCOVERY: it can help address mental, physical, postural, emotional, and creative challenges. It can be helpful for anyone who writes (or wants to write)—from students to professionals. 

A balance activates your imagination as you shift your attention from the “issue” to what you want to create. Each step along the way invites you to slow down, check in and notice how you feel.

As the process unfolds, you’ll get to choose from a variety of movement options: maybe a Brain Gym® activity, a relaxing visualization, or some gentle acupressure tapping. When the balance is complete, you’ll check in again to notice the changes.


  • More energy
  • Improved comprehension and memory
  • A renewed sense of focus on the work at hand
  • Greater physical comfort and ease
  • Peace and clarity
  • A personalized session balances the whole mind/body system, not just the symptoms. Best of all, it allows you to get back to work focused on your great new ideas!