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mind | body | poetry

mind | body | poetry

Stepping stones make a peaceful pattern.
Stepping stones make a peaceful pattern.

Movement take us from where we are to where we want to be.


Deborah Scott Studebaker: writer, poetry teacher, Licensed Brain Gym® consultant

Hi, my name is Deb. I'm happy you stopped by!

As a writer, poetry teacher, and Brain Gym®  consultant, it is my joy to help clients and students “get un-stuck” so they can learn, create and achieve. 


Movement with intention opens up the possibilities...


A brain illustration.

wakes up the brain

calms the nervous system

calms the nervous system

for learning and achievement

A photo of calm waters.

calms the nervous system

calms the nervous system

calms the nervous system

for mental, physical, and emotional balance

Illustration: Letters bump into each other as they funnel into a pencil.

liberates language

calms the nervous system

liberates language

for creativity and communication

Where shall we begin?

A young man does the Brain Gym® "Double Doodle" activity.

Brain Gym® for all ages - online sessions

Address mental, physical, and emotional challenges through an all-natural, drug-free approach that goes beyond just treating the symptoms.

Empower focus, self-regulation, language expression and much more through Brain Gym® sessions.

A young girl writes at her desk in the classroom.


The powerhouse combo of language and movement fires up young writers' potential! Learn about the Moved to Write® process, and bring a Poetry Studio program to your K-12 school or via distance learning.

A woman thinks about what she's going to write in a workshop.


Need a boost with visioning, managing, or following through on a project? Change limiting beliefs, get un-stuck, and find your equilibrium through poetry workshops and personal Brain Gym® balance sessions as close as your computer.

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Every client and student deserves individualized attention. Tell me a little about your situation, and I'll get back to you soon with creative ideas from Brain Gym® and/or my Moved to Write® poetry program.

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