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All my life I was searching for Brain Gym®—and I didn’t even know it existed. I was a “creative type" who felt overwhelmed around anything technical; I preferred words to numbers and concept over detail. And yet, something in me longed to feel comfortable around all those things I was never very good at doing. 

In the early 2000s, while co-authoring a book about education, I found myself enchanted by the subject of how human beings learn. During that process, someone told me about Brain Gym®—a system of movement activities designed to release stress and promote learning. Intrigued, I took a class. 

At the end of that first Brain Gym workshop, while deeply engaged in a powerful movement activity, tears began streaming down my face. This feeling of balance and integration was simultaneously new and completely familiar. 

My mind was calm; I felt at home in my body! Everything seemed possible. I couldn’t wait to share this with others.

Today, as a Licensed Brain Gym® instructor/consultant in private practice, I help children and teens find new possibilities beyond their learning and behavioral challenges. I support adults in bringing more ease and effectiveness into their personal, professional and creative lives. 

And I coach and motivate writers, individually, in small groups, or in K-12 classrooms through my poetry workshops.

Challenges can seem insurmountable. Movement can make it easy. And in these pandemic days, we can still do it all via distance learning.

(Here's the official bio)

Deborah Scott Studebaker’s innovative work connects language with movement and play to empower her clients with confidence, clarity, and creativity.

Growing up in a theatrical family, Deb spent her early career in music, film and spoken word recording, where she amassed credits as a producer, screenwriter, and songwriter. After leaving “the business” and becoming a parent, Deb became profoundly interested in education. While co-authoring a book on education reform, she came to Brain Gym® as a writer doing research, but found a philosophy that would direct her life’s work.

As a Licensed Brain Gym ® Instructor/Consultant in private practice in Los Angeles, Deb now supports children, teens and adults in moving beyond old limitations and into their greater possibilities. 

Deb’s sessions contain a rich and intuitive mix of perspectives and modalities. Her certification in kinesiology adds a wealth of techniques for mind-body awareness, and her training in childhood reflexes and neuro-developmental movement means she has extraordinary tools for looking beyond the surface at learning and behavior challenges.

Deborah Studebaker also teaches poetry at The Willows Community School in Culver City, California. Fusing her training as a Licensed Brain Gym instructor with her passion for igniting ideas and inspiring young writers, Deb’s students explore body-centered ways to release writers’ block and find their creative voices.

Then there is also the music side of Deb’s life: she is the Managing Director of Reckless Night Music, LLC, a company dedicated to administering the legacy of her late father, musician and inventor Raymond Scott. She is also developing a podcast that explores her father’s musical and engineering innovations.

Deb is married to television cameraman Daryl Studebaker. Their children, Henry and Emma, are young adults pursuing their own creative dreams.

Deborah  Scott Studebaker works with a young poet.

Deborah  Scott Studebaker works with a young poet.