Brain Gym® Resources



Brain Gym® and Me. Paul Dennison, Ph. D. Brain Gym co-creator Paul Dennison, Ph. D., tells his personal story along with how the program developed.

Brain Gym®: Teacher's Edition. Paul E. and Gail E. Dennison. The definitive guide to learning the 26 activities (and how to modify them as needed), with extensive background information on what benefits they support.

The Dominance Factor. Carla Hannaford, Ph. D. How to find your learning profile, including dominant eye, ear, hand, foot, and brain hemisphere. Includes profile descriptions.

Educate Your Brain. Kathy Brown. A rich and user-friendly exploration of Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology, blending theory with detailed descriptions of movements and processes

‘Fraid Not! Empowering Kids with Learning Differences. Pamela Formosa. An occupational therapist discusses movement and learning, including an introduction to Brain Gym®.

I Am the Child, Cecilia Freeman with Gail Dennison. Perspectives on using Brain Gym® with children who have special needs.

Smart Moves: Why Leaning is Not All in Your Head. Carla Hannaford, Ph. D. The science behind learning, movement and how stress impacts physiology.

The SuperConfitelligent Child: Loving to Learn through Movement and Play. Denise Hornbeak. A thorough and thoughtful parenting guide to help children develop their potential through movement and play.

Brain Gym-related Websites: (details about the program, curriculum; info on courses and licensed instructors) (purchase books, posters and other materials. see the PACE video) (purchase books, posters and other materials. see the PACE video) (Paul and Gail Dennison’s highly informative blog/website) (Cecilia Koester’s site—tailored towards special needs children, parents and providers) BG instructor/author Kathy Brown’s blog offers a variety of articles about Brain Gym and academics, infant reflexes, and much more.

Related Content - More Recommendations: Video that shows neurons connecting to make new neural pathways. Great info-graphic about the vestibular system’s link to visual and auditory systems An excellent website to learn about neuro-developmental movement (including reflexes and Rhythmic Movement.)

The "Lazy 8," a beloved Brain Gym® activity.

The "Lazy 8," a beloved Brain Gym® activity.