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"Deb has a wonderful ability to see and be inspired by the artistic intentions of someone, then turn those intentions into actions through writing, movement and play.  Deb was able to make a wonderful and meaningful connection with my son. She allowed him to be his most free and creative self. I saw him grow every week! Her enthusiasm and commitment to the work they did together allowed my son to develop skills that he can use in all aspects of his life." – Kristen Cloke Morgan, parent

"My nine year-old is really improving: she is more self-confident and independent. She is building her own identity and personality, and developing tools to do better in school and at home.  She loves Deborah, and it is amazing how she opens up when she is with her!We had tried many options in order to help our child. We are so grateful that we found Brain Gym and Deborah… it has been a true blessing. " 

- Zaida Nieto, parent


"Sessions with Deb have been very beneficial for my son. His balance, fine motor, gross motor, vestibular and proprioceptive abilities all improved significantly, and he has even started writing cursive! ...His attention stays focused better and longer. He is also more emotionally balanced. I love Deb’s holistic approach!"   -Kris Kahrs, parent

"Thank you for every little observation! I am so grateful Michael got to experience real presence with you—to be really seen." - Ilene Dunn, family member  

“Deb has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She is intuitive, loving, and nurturing and definitely knows how to ask the body the right questions. Her knowledge of a variety of healing modalities informs her work as a Brain Gym practitioner and she is open to using any technique that she believes will help those who come to see her.  "After each session, I have left with an ease and comfort and a deeper understanding of how to proceed. She takes the time to really get to the heart of the matter and is dedicated to finding a workable solution. I leave feeling lighter, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I recommend her to anyone looking for relief, guidance, and some peace of mind.” - J. Parker, educator

“I use your techniques in the classroom because they work! Incorporating these body movements makes for great brain breaks and starting points for activities.” – Yolanda McClamb, educator 


“…Students that have the opportunity to be inspired by, and work with the magical Mrs. Studebaker, will forever remember the experience.” –  Judith Sydner-Gordon, Educator

“Charlotte has LOVED working with you on the poetry and recites her beautiful poems to me on the way home from school and sometimes I feel like I need to PULL over because I am so moved by them. Deb, you make magic happen at the Willows… Thanks for sharing your love of words with these writers. You have a very special gift and our school and children have been lucky to be on the receiving end of it.”  

–  Martha Browning, parent

"The year was very slow for me, creatively, until I met you. I had all these ideas but I was slow in executing them. I went and saw you, and after the first visit I was elated. I thought, ‘there’s a person who thinks like me. There’s a person who offers a process.’ When I enter it, it’s totally seamless. You are in the business of opening up the inner life…and very unobtrusively. " Dr. Marc LeBel  

 “My family recently moved from Denmark to Los Angeles. This meant that my son started second grade not only in a new country, but in a new language! Learning poetry with you has made it easier for him to start writing. He just needed to find the words, and poetry has opened up the writing process for him. Thank you!” – Charlotte Kirk, parent  

"Thank you for your liberating approach to writing!” – Susannah Funnell, educator   


“There is something contagious and inspiring about writing in a safe, supportive environment. An exercise we did in class inspired me to write about a very intimate experience, one that I never knew how to approach before. This class makes it easy to unlock the doors to the stories we all hold inside."

–  Judie Stillman, producer

“The experience I had in your class was so liberating and validating…  It made me feel like I could write again.  Maybe I can really do this!” – Lizzie Adams, educator

"I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your writing classes. They are a breath of fresh air and moments spent in a sacred space.” – Julie Valfre, medical professional

 “You helped me hold the vision of my book, and craft every word to perfection!”

- Kathy Brown, author, Educate Your Brain

Middle school students reflect on a collaborative writing process for Poetry Night at The Willows.

Middle school students reflect on a collaborative writing process for Poetry Night at The Willows.