Brain Gym® Sessions for Adults

Additional Information

As adults, we've become adept at working around our limitations. However, those patterns of compensation  ultimately add to our stress. It's not too late to change!

We can rewire the brain and reset the nervous system through movement with intention.  Using Brain Gym activities, neuro-developmental movement and a variety of other tools, we create an environment where change can happen.

My adult clients address challenges with:

  • anxiety
  • attention
  • balance 
  • coordination
  • career changes 
  • life changes
  • creative blocks
  • stroke recovery
  • traumatic brain injuries

These gentle, powerful and drug-free modalities can draw out the best in you naturally.

What would you like to accomplish? 

  • manage pain and release stress 
  • feel more comfortable in your body
  • recover from injury and trauma
  • handle change with greater ease
  • overcome self-sabotage
  • clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  • clarify your intentions
  • reduce fear and anxiety
  • launch, follow through on, or finish your creative project
  • achieve without trying so hard
  • feel entitled to self-care

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“Deb Studebaker has the amazing ability to help relieve the physical pain in my body and heal my emotional state of mind through her kinesiology and Brain Gym techniques. 

After a balance session, I almost always find that I have less stress, a greater range of physical movement, more energy and greater emotional strength.” - Marike Smith, executive

"I had an absolutely amazing session with Deb yesterday.  I walked in feeling so sick, in pain and exhausted, like I was going to pass out, and walked out feeling stable, balanced, pain free and happy.  

It turned out that my body asked for a few specific structural things that seemed to hit the spot, during which I felt like I was being swept into a blissful meditative state.  – E. Miller, Esq.